Basic guide to surviving pkers and pking others

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Basic guide to surviving pkers and pking others

Post by Panthera on Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:54 pm

Surviving pkers comes down to only a few things really. Praying before they hit or as soon as they hit the first time is key to survival... if you can survive the first few hits and bring your hp back up it puts you on more even fighting grounds. I highly recommend taking food and some kind of bind/entangle/root to ensure you can keep them in place and buy yourself some much needed time. Try to always maintain over 50% run so that you have a chance of escaping if attacked. Often landing one bind and running in one direction and then changing direction slightly can shake some of even the most veteran pkers if they arnt expecting it or dont react quickly.

On the other hand if you yourself are pking. One of the most important things is to instantly put them on the defensive. Its good to be able to bind them quickly so that they arnt given a chance to escape. Often a fight comes down to how the beginning goes and who swaps the best but remember people sometimes get lucky so never actually risk what you cant afford to lose. Using item signs/entangles/tele blocks is all highly recommend and of course potions/portents/other boosts can easily be the difference in between a big pk and death.

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